About Us

SingVend is being operated and managed by Public N Private Ltd.

Public N Private Ltd is incorporated in Singapore. It has 6 brand names:

  1. Singink - alternative printer ink solution
  2. SingPaper - photo printing materials
  3. SingCam - IP cameras provider
  4. Selfie Union - online instant customized t-shirts & gifts
  5. SingVend - Automated retail system 
  6. OurStore.sg -  Convenient store operator

SingVend is a local company specializes in smart retail solution. We satisfy our clients’ needs by providing customized solution according to how our clients want it to be. It all started when local companies face huge manpower shortage while technology is advancing rapidly. How then, can we make use of technology to our advantage to overcome the shortage of manpower? Through exploring and deep research, SingVend was invented. SingVend is an excellent tool for both local companies and end-users. Why? Because local companies no longer have to worry about the shortage of manpower. And the best thing? SingVend would bring great convenience to our end-users. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our Mission

To improve business productivity and consumer efficiency

Our Vision

To contribute whatever we can to build a smart city

Core Values


There's no restriction to your creativity. We allow full customisation, from hardware to software.







We stand strong in our core values, and one of them is Performance. We make sure to give our 100% and deliver premium products and services to all.


With technology advancing at lightning speed, SingVend is proud to present its top notch business solution that brings convenience to a whole new level.